The ultimate offering of Ebony and Co, our Bespoke option is a truly customized, tailored journey leading to your own unique and opulent wood environment. From personally picking your log sections to a special parquet or plank pattern and unique finishing possibilities, we can help you create the custom-designed spatial experience of your dreams.

Although prefinishing floors at our end is our forte, we are equally happy to support a traditional site-applied finish at the floor’s final destination.

Choice and Grading

Pick from our fine range of newly sawn Hardwoods or our carefully reclaimed “Antique” Woods, and define your preferred “grading”. Whether it’s a more uniform and clear growth structure, or a beautiful rustic growth character, you can be sure our selections are pure bringing out the best of nature.


Choose your preferred pattern. From random wide planks bringing out the best of pure wood, to larger-sized patterns for more traditional or modern settings, we craft the wood to fit.

Surface process

Each of our options in surface processing techniques greatly enhances the natural character of the wood. Let us create the look of the old days by hand-scraping or applying a saw-kerf effect on your floor. Or can we brush your choice of clear-graded American Oak to bring out the beautiful grain texture of this wood?

Special finishing

Once you have decided on the choice, grade and surface of the wood, our custom finishing program allows an endless array of possibilities to create a truly unique finish patina. Most of our finishing techniques are developed in The Netherlands, and some formulas have their roots as far back as in the 17th Century!

Special elements

Speaking three-dimensionally, we proudly offer most wood and finish options in customised solutions to complete the interior. Skirting, stairs, cladding panels for wall or ceiling or... a centre-cut of a tree to make beautiful solid table!

Let us inspire you

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